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High-Quality sprinkler repair in Fullerton, CA

When it comes to sprinkler repair in Fullerton, CA, no one knows it better my My Sprinkler Repair! Our technicians are trained extensively in all of our services and we only install top-grade sprinkler heads that will deliver the perfect coverage for any given area. Our prompt repair and routine maintenance of your sprinkler system prevents loss and damage to your valuable landscape and lawn, as well as save you money on water bills!

Don't be a drip! Save every drop!

Water is extremely precious in California due to the drought that we have been in for quite some time. Our technicians are extensively trained and educated in all of California’s water conversing associations. Our sprinkler repair in Fullerton, CA helps our customers not only save water but save money as well. Runoff from the sprinkler and drip irrigation systems are a leading cause of wasted water but by having our technicians tune-up your heads and emitters, you and the Earth can benefit from it. Here at My Sprinkler Repair, our repair technicians’ goal is to leave every property knowing the customer is confident that their sprinkler system now performs as good or better than the first day it was installed.


Grow more with less

Most sprinkler equipment is underground, so it could be difficult to know when it’s time for a sprinkler repair. Here are some of the more obvious signs to look for when your irrigation system isn’t working properly:

  • A leak around your sprinkler valve: This type of leak is commonly caused by debris blocking the valve’s diaphragm.
  • Brown spots in your yard: A sprinkler head that has been installed too low will prevent water from spraying properly.
  • Clogged sprinkler nozzles: Dirt and debris working its way into the sprinkler nozzle often times will cause the nozzle to become clogged.
  • Uneven growth: If you notice parts of your lawn growing more rapidly than others, your sprinkler heads may not be installed with the proper distance between them.

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Hard work, attention to detail, and affordable prices have helped us earn a reputation as the leading specialist for sprinkler repair in Fullerton, CA. We offer free estimates for all of our services. So if you are in need of maintaining your lawn or restoring it, we are the right company for you! We are not limited to just Fullerton, CA. We provide services all over Orange County.

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