4 of the hottest landscape ideas for summer 2019

Looking to make your garden stand out this summer? Summer in SoCal is always hot so it’s best to choose drought-friendly landscape ideas, and it’s actually a trendy idea! People have been loving the succulent, cactus, and haworthia styles and the best part is, they require little to no maintenance! Here are the 3 of the hottest landscape ideas for Summer 2019.



Their unique beauty and ability to survive in extreme heat and drought conditions make them one of the best plants to add in your landscape in the summertime. If you start fertilizing your agave plants in the summertime, it will definitely benefit for your agave’s growth. However, do NOT over fertilize, as this will spawn rapid vegetative growth which will lead to less hardened plants that will be sensitive to the sun.

Gentiana Cruciata

These blue beauties always stand out in the crowd and add a “pop” to your landscape. They grow well in rock gardens, so it doesn’t have to be around other plants, and are durable, drought-friendly plants. If you want these beauties in your yard, plant them in well-drained, light soil with low moisture.


Succulent Plants

You could never go wrong by adding these timeless, beautiful plants to your yard. And there’s a reason why succulents are all the rage these days- because the different varieties of these plants and the different colors and forms they come in. Besides the cosmetic benefits, their ability to survive drought and heat conditions makes them even more lovable! Whether you want them in a container, pot, or even planted in your lawn, they’ll look beautiful anywhere!



Beautiful in color and eco-friendly in watering; these plants thrive in droughts. They’re also incredibly easy to grow! They have low maintenance and need about 6 hours of full sun a day to look their best. They also should not be transplanted because this can make them incredibly unhealthy. A deep watering is recommended every 3-4 weeks and the soil should be well drained to prevent rotting.


Need a Hand?

If you’re in need of some summer lawn maintenance, call My Sprinkler Repair! We’ll keep your lawn looking as green and colorful as possible while saving you money on your water bills. Give us a call today or fill out our contact form to get in touch for a FREE estimate.