DIY Lawn Maintenance Tips To Save You Money

Read about some of our important lawn maintenance tips to save some money! Having a dead and brown lawn can lead to more expenses and repair costs. Maintaining a healthy green lawn is easier than you think and serves as an important first impression for anyone walking by your house!


Sprinkler Attachment

Sprinkler attachments for your hose can just be as effective as a whole sprinkler system. All you do is attach it your hose and place it on your yard! You’ll want to move it every so often so that you can cover more square feet in your lawn. This much more cost efficient than installing a sprinkler system and maintaining it, which can be thousands of dollars. The Mel nor 3700 Sq Ft Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler goes for around $12 at most retail locations, as an example!



Contrary to popular belief you actually don’t need to water your lawn so much. You actually end up wasting a lot of water, so only water as much as needed. The general rule of thumb is to water every square inch of your lawn with an inch of water! If you’re unsure if your lawn needs some water, check for some early signs of drought.

Water your lawn if:

  • There are footprints when you walk on the grass. This is an early sign of a drought for your lawn.
  • The grass comes up easily when you try pulling it.
  • General browning occurs.
  • The grass blades begin “folding” and they don’t look as sharp.


You should keep your blades as sharp as possible when mowing (and use the highest setting), as this will allow for more productive growth and reduce the amount of water your grass needs. Ideally, you should consider cutting grass no shorter than two to three inches. This is the optimal height for moisture and shade for your grass!


Grass Varieties

Some grass species require considerably more water than others! This is in turn leads to more water costs and expenses. You’ll want to consider the climate of your local area. For example, the Bermuda Grass is more adapted to dry/hot climates and is extremely drought resistant. It however, is not good for shady areas. On the other hand, Kentucky Blue Grass is more of a cool season grass. It has fair drought resistance and requires more water. Experiment with grass species and see how it fits your area, this can save you a lot of money!

Perennial Flowers

You should consider planting Perennial Flowers instead of Annual Flowers to reduce your costs! Perennial Flowers spring back up year after year, making them much more cost friendly. Annual Flowers on the other hand go through a full life cycle in a season and die towards the end of the year. This means you need to plant new flowers after each year!

Some perennial flowers we recommend are:

  • Yarrows
  • Daylilys
  • Lavenders
  • Peonys
  • And Lilys

Need a Hand?

If you need help with preparing your lawn this spring, then give our lawn maintenance specialists a call! They are specialized in preparing and maintaining your lawn to make it as green and healthy as possible! Give us a call at (888) 424-5044 for your FREE ESTIMATE!