5 Disasterly Issues that come from poor water drainage

Never overlook or underestimate implementing a good yard drainage system! Many homeowners tend to ignore their yard drainage issues until it’s too late. It’s also important to maintain and clean it, so that you don’t run into issues. Besides looking unkempt and dirty, bad yard drainage can lead to: foul water, insect breeding grounds, destroyed plants, and a messy area to walk in! Listed below are the types of yard drainage problems that occur in many homes and the disasterly issues that come with it. If the yard drainage problems are too much to handle or you don’t know what to do, please give us a call.


1. Stagnant And Standing Water

Stagnant water clearly shows that your yard drainage system isn’t as efficient as it could be. Rainfall will make your yard muddy, wet, and filled with “holes” of water. Insects and bugs absolutely love these spots, and will breed here. Mosquitos, for example will use these spots and they’re known to carry diseases that can harm you and your family! If you have stagnant water, it could mean your soil has poor drainage qualities. You might need to consider implementing a new yard drainage system or soil if you have standing water. “Gumbo” soil, as it is called has too much clay.


2. Downsprouting Issues

Circulation of water tends to get stuck or stay in one area if not pushed away from the house. Homeowners need to find ways to recirculate it into parts of their yard, where it will do the most good instead of harm. In the event of a storm or large rainfall, water will back up into the downspouts, because the rain gutters are overfilled with water.


3. Intruding Front entrance walkway

Sometimes your sidewalk or front entrance becomes a dam in the event of rainfall. This causes all the water to combine in one spot and become retained. There’s a multitude of solutions that you can probably implement so that your front entrance won’t become a dam. One common fix is installing stepping stones, so that water can traverse through it easily.


4. Debris and Dirt

Taking care of your yard drain and regularly cleaning it is important, otherwise it might become heavily clogged. This is especially prevalent during fall season, where wind pushes leaves and other materials into your yard drain. Sometimes it’s just as simple as opening your grate and yanking everything out. A big problem to consider however, is tree or plant roots that can possibly get into the way of your pipes underground. This can destroy and damage your pipes!

5. High Water Tables

Landscaping becomes a real issue with high water tables. During the growing season, plant roots can be denied oxygen and will rot similarly to overwatered houseplants. A puddle in the yard may indicate that the water table has exceeded over the grade of your yard. A higher water table can affect your whole yard, instead of separated regions. A common fix for this is to plant water-loving plants that can absorb the water in large amounts.

Need a Hand?

If you find any of these problems, don’t be afraid to give My Sprinkler Repair a call! We’ll solve your yard drainage problems as efficiently and quickly as possible. Before you know it, your yard will be green and dense again!