finding the best sprinkler system for your home

A sprinkler system is an important investment that most homeowners will eventually require. A good sprinkler system will save you on the water bill, distribute water across your lawn better, and make your life more convenient. The basic components of a sprinkler system include:
A controller (also called control box), Valves, Rain Sensors, Spray Head (and Nozzle), and Rotor.

So what brands excel at delivering the best quality components? There are two brands that people consider to be the premier industry leaders for sprinkler systems. Hunter and Rainbird. It’s important to note that you don’t have to “choose” a brand, you can combine components from both brands! You also have to choose between a rotor sprinkler and spray sprinkler. Rotors will rotate while a spray sprinkler shoots a steady amount of water in one place.


Comparing the two

Hunter is known for their rotor’s spray ranges which range anywhere from 15 feet to 90 feet. While Rain birds are capped from 13 feet to 50 feet. Hunter is definitely more popular in larger residences or properties that need more square feet to cover.
As for spray distribution, Rain bird is known for their Rain Curtain Technology. This technology allows the sprinkler to disperse evenly in most conditions. Winds and pressure won’t affect Rain Bird’s spray head. It’s also known to have less leaks than industry competitors.

Regarding the controller, it’s subjective. Hunter’s Hydra wise has more features (IOS and Android Apps, Customization/Reporting, Advanced Smart tech), but it’s on the expensive end. Rain Bird’s Smart Irrigation controller on the other hand, is more value friendly. It’s also known for its simple to use beginner interface. However, it isn’t packed with features like the Hunter’s. Another limiting aspect is that it doesn’t come standard with a warranty, while Hunter has a 2 year warranty.


Choosing your sprinkler components

As noted earlier, you can combine components to make the best overall sprinkler system! We encourage you to do your individual research on each part. Both Hunter and Rainbird offer cheaper tier components and higher tier components.

You can’t go wrong with either brand, since they’re both known for their reliability and quality. It’s like comparing Ford vs Chevrolet!

An example of what some people like to do is

  • Rotors: Rain bird
  • Valve: Hunter
  • Spray Head: Rain bird
  • Control Box: Hunter

Again, this depends on the type of components you need for your lawn and your price range.
Hopefully by reading this, you’re one step closer to getting the clean green lawn you’ve always dreamed about!

Need a Hand?

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