3 Dog Friendly Landscaping ideas you should try

We love our pets – until they start digging up our garden and landscape either to hide their bones or kick away their business once they’re done. But what if we told you that it doesn’t have to be that way… There are so many ways to keep your outdoor space looking beautiful while also keeping Fido happy! Here are a few ways how:


Know your pet

They say dogs are “man’s best friend”, but do you know your BFF? Some dogs love to dig while other are always on the lookout for an adventure. Which one is your pup?

Understanding your pet’s behavior will come in handy because this will help you design your outdoor space to better accommodate your pet while also keeping it looking beautiful and healthy.


For the diggers

Digging is fairly common among dogs and it can mean many things. Dogs dig for:

  • Keeping Cool & Comfortable
  • Entertainment or Boredom
  • Burying Valuables
  • Hunting for Underground Animals
    Many More Reasons

Some dogs outgrow digging while others don’t but there’s a way to get around it. A great way to avoid Fido digging your yard to holes is adding hardscape. Adding hardscape such as gravel paths or slate walks offer fewer digging opportunities and installing a designated digging area, such as a sandbox, will make both you and Fido happy!

for the alphas

Male dogs are territorial and find any open opportunity to “mark” and patrol their property, which is why they mark and make their paths.

To keep your alpha feeling like the leader of the pack, install some pavers or other hardscapes for their regular walkabouts and “patrols”. If your dog has a “marking” problem, adding some mulch so their “marks” don’t leave stains on your hardscape is a great way to curb that. However, AVOID cocoa mulch because this is extremely poisonous to dogs!

Like stated before, male dogs are territorial and tend to find any opening to claim new property. Some dogs tend to be instigators once they see other dogs, so a way to keep them inside their “territory” is adding some fencing or dense plantings along the borders of your yard to keep them in the borders. Make sure to check for holes and openings as well! Also adding some tough shrubs or rose bushes are another great way of keeping your dog out of certain areas in your yard.


Add some shady spots

Who doesn’t love a cool, shady spot to chill and relax at? Give your dog some options in your yard to hang out at on sunny days instead of under a bush or tree. Adding a gazebo, pavilion, or pergola will not only give you and your pet a nice shady outdoor space but will also increase your home’s value! So not only will you be adding an enjoyable and relaxing space for you, your pet, and the whole family but you’ll also be increasing the value of your home; think of it as a win-win for everyone!


Need a Hand?

There are tons of beautiful and effective ways to keep your yard looking it’s absolute best while also keeping it dog-friendly for your pet! If you need help designing your yard, give My Sprinkler Repair a call today! Our landscape designers will be more than happy to assist you with your new project.