How To Care For Plants In Extreme Heat

Humidity and extreme heat are inevitable to avoid when you live in Southern California and when the weather is above 85° F, many plants will suffer from ill effects of the heat. But with proper plant care, the effects of the heat won’t have as much stress on your plants or veggies. So here are a few tips you can apply to your summertime plant care routine!

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Water Correctly To Prevent Heat Stress

Watering your plants is obviously a HUGE must, but watering correctly is even more so. The best time to water your plants is in the morning, more specifically around 6-7 am, since the sun isn’t as harsh and strong. This watering method will keep your plants and plant roots hydrated throughout the day and will keep them flourishing all summer long. But whatever you do, DO NOT overwater since it can lead to root rot or fungal diseases.

Try striving for a deep watering about 2-3 times a week, nothing more or less. You can also try using a drip irrigation system on a soaker hose since it ensures a deep watering every time. If you don’t have a drip irrigation system, an overhead sprinkler or hand watering will work just fine.

Add Some Mulch

A beautiful, thick layer of mulch helps protect your plant’s roots from heat and cold plus it helps keep your soil moist, which is essential in the summer SoCal climate. If your garden or landscape is dead smack in the sun or is prone to extreme heat, try striving for AT LEAST 4-6 inches of mulch in your garden and if you don’t prefer mulch, straw, grass clippings, or pine needles work just as well.

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Provide Your Plants With Shade

Who loves sitting in the blistering sunlight for hours on end, day in and day out? No one! Plants don’t like it either, and they appreciate the shade in extreme heat. Leaving delicate plants in the direct sunlight can cause them to stop blooming. Crazy fact: plants can also become sunburned. Proven fact, when plants like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants are outside in mid 90° F, they will hold back flowering.

In order to prevent your plants from not flowering and getting sunburned, provide them with some shade during the peak of the heat. A patio umbrella or canopy will do the trick and trust us, your plants will thank you.

Add Some Heat-Tolerant Plants

There are so many colorful and vibrant heat tolerant plants that will make your garden or landscape pop! In fact, plants like succulents, sunflowers, lemon verbenas, and much more actually thrive in the intense summer heat. Many of these plants can also tolerate little to no water, so they can actually save you some cash on your water bill! Click here for a list on some beautiful and vibrant plants.

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Following these tips can definitely guarantee you healthy, hydrated, and beautifully grown plants in this summer heat. But don’t worry! Cooler days will be upon us before you know it, so enjoy the summer while it lasts!



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