Summer landscape do's and dont's

Since May is finally coming to an end, the summer weather is quickly approaching us. The summer is full of beautiful vibrant grass, plants, and flowers, which is something that many SoCal homes have in their landscape. But if you don’t know how to properly care for your landscape then it can quickly turn into a brow, dead, and dry terrain. Here are a few tips on what and what not to do in order to keep your landscape looking as healthy and rich as possible this summer!


Do be drought Friendly!

As you may know California is bone dry, which is why going drought-tolerant is always a must. Using drought-tolerant plants such as succulents or golden barrel cactuses, to name a couple, conserve water since they thrive with very little care! They also give your SoCal home a warm and inviting feeling with their energetic colors. You’ll also be saving some cash on your water bill as well, which is something everyone loves to hear!


Don't water unless necessary

With the ever-changing Cali weather, you never really know what to expect. This is why you should be a little more water conscious and have a watering strategy. In fact, the best times to water your lawn is between 6 am-10 am since wind speeds are low, the sun is less harsh, and your lawn has the rest of the day to dry off. This can also save you tons of money on water bills! It’s also a great idea to check the weather forecasts for rain.

Do Maintain your lawn

A healthy and green lawn doesn’t mean it has to be very short. Instead, find out what type of grass you have. Cool-season grass should be kept at 2.5-4 inches while warm-season grasses should be 1-3 inches. Keep in mind that your grass blades should preferably be kept high since high blades provide benefits towards keeping your soil as healthy and effective as possible.

The benefits of tall grass blades include:

  • Obtaining more light during the sun’s peak hours to use energy to produce more
  • nutrients for grassroots and soil.
  • Provide shade for soil to maintain moisture throughout the heat.

Don't over mow your lawn

One of the biggest mistakes you could do for your grass in the SoCal summer is over-mowing. Cutting your grass too short can take a huge toll on the health of your green landscape. It can allow for insect invasion and disease which can definitely kill your lawn. Try keeping your grass blade at about 3 inches, many university studies have found that it’s the healthiest height for most types of grass.

do pick weeds and plant tropical bulbs

Picking weeds is something that no back likes, but unfortunately, it has to be done unless you want your garden’s health to go bad. Using a hoe or cultivator is a great way of getting down to the root of weeds to ensure that they’re completely out of the soil. Planting tropical bulbs such as elephant ears, gingers, or crinums will bring a “wow” to your landscape and grow fast. Adding these beautiful plants will create a warm, vibrant, and lively feel to your landscape.

Don't let weeds go to seeds

As stated before, weeds are cancer to your landscape and can definitely take the color out of your landscape. They take all the necessary nutrients and water that your plants need to grow. They’re roots also release chemicals that are toxic to the surrounding plants, which can cause them to die.

Need a Hand?

If you’re in need of some summer lawn maintenance, call My Sprinkler Repair! We’ll keep your lawn looking as green and colorful as possible while saving you money on your water bills. Give us a call today or fill out our contact form to get in touch for a FREE estimate!