Just because the trees in the forest don’t get trimmed on a regular basis doesn’t mean your residential features shouldn’t. Our Tree Trimming in Orange County, CA is essential to the health of the tree, the safety of the area and the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping. At My Sprinkler Repair, our tree pruning services are first-rate. Cutting and shaping should only be done by a professional who understands how trees will respond, and our staff has that knowledge.

The Benefits of Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is often necessary due to illness within a branch or harsh weather conditions, and it is preferred to topping, but must be done correctly in order to keep the tree strong and healthy. At My Sprinkler Repair, our professionals have been trained to complete the proper cuts that will encourage growth while improving the aesthetics and spacing of your trees. The benefits of crown reduction include:

  • Appearance – When done correctly, the appearance of the tree often remains the same.

  • Strength – Proper reduction will actually strengthen a tree by removing larger diseased branches.

  • Safety – Larger branches no longer pose the risk of injuring someone, destroying property or falling on a power line.

Improve Your Panorama With View Cutting

Out of necessity, My Sprinkler Repair often provides view-cutting services. Cutting out views is generally done for aesthetic appeal. It can also take place to give a satellite dish more space or to give you a better view out the bedroom window. Just like many other tree-cutting services, it must be done by a professional so that only the proper limbs are cut.

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Our goal is to provide each customer a professional experience, ensuring a safe, efficient service that implements the most effective time and money saving equipment to protect our customer’s property. If you are in need of Tree Trimming in Orange County, CA,  call us today for a Free Estimate!