Southern California Fall Gardening Tips

Does Southern California really have a fall season? I’m convinced it is more of an extension to summer that we really get. Hot and dry winds continue to blow all the way to December sometimes. Well, since we’re a little bit of a unique area, we have a few gardening and lawn care tips that will keep your lawn looking amazing all season!


Continue to water & mow your lawn

Your grass will still be growing during the fall season, so be sure to water it wisely and mow it regularly. Not sure how short or long to cut your grass? If you’re doing the mowing, raise your mower cutting height about ½ an inch.

Mowing your lawn will create deeper and more solid roots. The deeper the roots, the more installation. That will help during the colder upcoming months.

Rake up leaves

Santa Ana winds will come and create a huge mess anywhere they blow through. Make sure that you pick up fallen leaves from your lawn. Fallen leaves can create diseases and insects to develop.


When it gets colder, decrease watering

As it gets colder, your grass will hit the brakes on growing. That means that you can water your lawn with less water. Don’t increase watering until next Spring.

Love your roses? Don’t fertilize or water!

Roses will need to harden enough for the colder, winter months. During this period, if you think your roses will be better on the other side of the lawn, move then. When you transplant your roses, be sure to water them a bit if the weather is dry.

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